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  • Description:
    •  Treated TC surface for consistent cell attachment and growth;
    •  Made of Clear raw Polystyrene and excellent optical quality;
    •  Low-Evaporation Lid, Serrated gripping panels and Writing patch;
    •  One-way lid prevents cross-contamination while still allowing for gas exchange
    •  Alphanumeric well identification;
    •  Industry standard footprint for automatic instrument compatibility;
    •  Available in individually wrapped easy peel packs and bulk packs
    •  Certified RNase and DNase free ,Non-Pyrogenic, Non-toxic.


    1101-001Omni-TrayPolystyrene,Omni-tray,Growth Area:69.00cm2,Well Capacity: 90.0mLSingle, Case of 100 traiesCase$300.00
    1101-0044-Well Dish4-well,Growth Area:2.00cm2, Well capacity:3.5mLBag of 4pcs, Case of 120 traiesCase$240.00
    1101-0066-Well PlatePolystyrene,Growth Area:9.60cm2,Well capacity:15.5mLSingle, Case of 80 traiesCase$128.00
    1101-01212-Well PlatePolystyrene,Growth Area:.3.8cm2,Well Capacity:6.00mLSingle, Case of 80 traiesCase$128.00
    1101-02424-Well PlatePolystyrene,Growth Area:2.00cm2,Well capacity:3.5mLSingle, Case of 100 traiesCase$128.00
    1101-09696-Well PlatePolystyrene,Growth Area:0.96cm2,Well capacity: 350ulSingle, Pack of 100 traiesCase$180.00
    1101-384384-Well PlatePolystyrene,Square well,Eliminate the wicking ,Growth Area:0.12cm2,Well capacity: 135ulSingle, Case of 100 traiesCase$200.00
    1101-500Single Omni-TrayPolystyrene,Single Omni-tray,Growth Area:500.00cm2,Well Capacity:200.0mLSingle, Case of 10 traiesCase$300.00
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  • Description:

    50mL clear tube with vented cap for culture.
    Made of polypropylene