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  • Description:
    Coverslips have a original surface treatment for cell culture and are required when small areas of adherent cells are aseptically removed for fixation, staining, and microscopic observation. The modified surface on one sides and its optical clarity enables trouble-free working with coverslips. Sterile coverslips are available in sizes Dia.20mm and Ø13mm.
    ◎  0.2 mm thicknes
    ◎ Safe and easy to handle
    ◎ Dia.13mm is Compatibility for 12&24 well plate
    ◎  Dia.20mm is Compatibility for 6well Plate and 35mm Dish
    ◎  Circle and square version
        ◎  Optical grade-PE
        ◎  Resistant to commonly used solvents
        ◎  Cell Culture
        ◎  Microscope Assays
        ◎  Fluorescence Assays
        ◎  In Situ Cell Culture
    1101-013CoverslipsØ13 mm x thickness0.22 mm, Hydrophobic, circle50dishes/BagBag$40.00
    1101-113CoverslipsØ13 mm x thickness0.22 mm, Hydrophilic, circle50dishes/BagBag$40.00
    1101-020Coverslips20x20mmxthickness0.22 mm, Hydrophobic, square50dishes/BagBag$40.00
    1101-120Coverslips20x20mmxthickness0.22 mm, Hydrophilic, square50dishes/BagBag$40.00
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