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  • Description:

    Made of Polystyrene and UVPolymer
    SBS footprint and flatness less than 100micron
    Compatibility with Robotic and Automatic instrument
    Low background
    Low Automfluorescence

    ◎ Hanging Drop
    ◎ Sitting Drop
    ◎ Microbatch
    Protein Crystallization Method


    1108-09696well Plate with 2wellSitting Drop,Reservoir with sample wells,External dimensions(mm):128 x86,Reservoir working volume: 300µl/well,10plates/Bag,200plates/CartonPlate$6.00
    1108-29696well Plate with 3wellSitting Drop,Reservoir with sample wells,External dimensions(mm):128x86,Reservoir working volume: 200µl/well,10plates/Bag,200plates/CartonPlate$6.50
    1108-384384well PlateMicrobatch,Reservoir with sample wells,External dimensions(mm):128x86,Reservoir working volume: 100µl/well,10plates/Bag,200plates/CartonPlate$10.00
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