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UV Assay Ware



◎ For DNA and protein quantitation in 260nm and 280 nm

◎ Superexcellent Optical Assay
◎ Free from DNase, RNase and human DNA, non-pyrogenic
◎ Low background


2105-09696well UV PlateTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nmIndividual,40plates/CartonCarton$400.00
2105-19696well UV PlateTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nm10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$900.00
2105-01010ul Pipette tipsTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nmBulk,1000tips/BagBag$100.00
2105-0505ml CuvetteTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nmIndividual,Cuvette$1.00
2105-384384well PlateTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nmIndividualPlate$60.00
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