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  • Description:

    Transparents at 220nm to 1200nm wavelength,
    Application at Ultraviolet analysis,such as,DNA 、 RNA and protein concentration measurment 

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  • Description:


    ◎ For DNA and protein quantitation in 260nm and 280 nm

    ◎ Superexcellent Optical Assay
    ◎ Free from DNase, RNase and human DNA, non-pyrogenic
    ◎ Low background


    2105-09696well UV PlateTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nmIndividual,40plates/CartonCarton$400.00
    2105-19696well UV PlateTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nm10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$900.00
    2105-01010ul Pipette tipsTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nmBulk,1000tips/BagBag$100.00
    2105-0505ml CuvetteTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nmIndividual,Cuvette$1.00
    2105-384384well PlateTransparent Wavelenght:220-1200nmIndividualPlate$60.00
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  • Description:


    • Individually sealed wells eliminate sample cross-talk and contamination
    • SBS standard footprint is compatible with HTS automation and robotic
    • Full 1ml and 0.3ml sample volume with drip tips directors
    • More membranes can be available in customized
    • Non-membrane are available for customers DIY
    • Barcode can be accepted


    1109-006Filter Plate96-well Filter Plate,GF membrane (0.3ml)10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$800.00
    1109-008Filter Plate96-well Filter Plate,GF membrane (1.0ml)10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$800.00
    1109-009Filter PlateLow Binding, Hydrophilic,PVDF membrane,0.36ml,1.2µm10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$800.00
    1109-101Filter PlateLow Binding, Hydrophilic,PTFE membrane,0.36ml,0.45µm10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$800.00
    1109-102Filter PlateLo-Binding, PC membrane,0.36ml,0.45µm10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$800.00
    1109-103Filter PlateLo-Binding, PC membrane,0.36ml,1.2µm10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$800.00
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  • Description:
    96-well ELISA Plate
    •  96-well microtiter plate format
    •  Made by crystal polystyrene
    •  3 size for choice:strip of 8well,12well and Integrated
    •  High sensitivity (1.58 pg/mL) and wide dynamic range.
    •  Low background,High noise rate.
    •  Standard footprint,compatibilty with all reader and washing instrument
    Test Report
    • High-Binding ability approx. 500ng Mouse IgG/cm2
    • Mid-Binding ability approx. 350ng Mouse IgG/cm2


    1105-09696well ELISA PlateHigh-Binding,External dimensions:128x86mm,Suggested working volume,360µl/well,8well strip,10plates/Bag,200plates/CartonCarton$350.00
    1105-096A96well ELISA PlateHigh-Binding,External dimensions:128x86mm,Suggested working volume,360µl/well,12well strip,10plates/Bag,200plates/CartonCarton$350.00
    1105-19696well ELISA PlateHigh-Binding,External dimensions:128x86mm,Suggested working volume,360µl/well,integrative,10plates/Bag,200plates/CartonCarton$350.00
    1105-00196well ELISA PlateMid-Binding,External dimensions:128x86mm,Suggested working volume,360µl/well,8well strip,10plates/Bag,200plates/CartonCarton$350.00
    1105-00296well ELISA PlateMid-Binding,External dimensions:128x86mm,Suggested working volume,360µl/well,12well strip,10plates/Bag,200plates/CartonCarton$350.00
    1105-00396well ELISA PlateMid-Binding,External dimensions:128x86mm,Suggested working volume,360µl/well,integrative,10plates/Bag,200plates/CartonCarton$350.00
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  • Description:
    • Made of original super clear Polypropylene and Polystyrene.
    • Alpha-numeric grid for well identification. 
    • Available in autoclavable.
    • Stackable design with write on areas for plate identification.
    • Barcode tracking.


    1109-00196well 1.2 ml, 96 Well Plate,PP, Round well with U-shape bottom10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$500.00
    1109-00296well 1.2 ml, 96 Well Plate,PS, Round well with U-shape bottom10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$500.00
    1109-00396well 2.2 ml, 96 Well Plate, PP,Square well, U-shape bottom10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$500.00
    1109-00496well 2.2 ml, 96 Well Plate,PS, Square well with U-shape bottom10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$500.00
    1109-100Standared Lid1.2 ml, 96 Well Plate,PP, Round well with U-shape bottom10plates/Bag,100plates/CartonCarton$200.00
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